ABOUT SoundWeb Music
Hi.  I'm Chris Jude, owner of SoundWeb Music.  As a singer and song writer for many years I have been priveleged to work with some of the most talented and capable musicians you've probably never heard of.  And it all began when I first picked up the guitar at the age of ten.
I first studied with a classical teacher learning finger picking techniques and chords.  But I quickly realized that reading music and metronomes were anathemic to playing rock 'n' roll, which was all I really wanted to do.  But some of it stuck anyway, and it has colored my playing and writing ever since.
I wrote my first song at 13, with my first real band in Mesa Arizona...something about a girl and heaven and a 707.  Very Beach Boys.  Since then my writing and guitar style has been influenced by by Paul Simon, the Eagles, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, John Hyatt, The Beatles and even Jimmy Buffett.  
My love for music and instruments comes from the heart.  My first real instrument was a 1970 Gibson Blueridge--back when they were still made in Kalamazoo.  Many have come and gone since, but that one has stayed with me as I have traveled and visited places around the world.  You can see it in the Gibson Collection on the Home Page.  In addition to the Gibsons, Martins (that's my 1992 D-41 pictured at the left) and Teles, I play an assortment of accoustic and electric guitars mandolins, ukuleles, bass, and the orphan of the bunch, my banjo.  But the guitar is my first love and what I write on.
In the coming days and weeks I will be posting new music and blogging about songs, musicians and music in general.  I am always looking to collaborate and play with like minded musicians and singers.  SoundWeb Studio is small but well equiped.  As a Full Sail graduate of I am available to help engineeer and produce demos for singers and songwriters in the North Atlanta area.
This is just the beginning of what I hope will become the expression of my passion and enjoyment of music and musicians.  You can contact me through [email protected], or visit my Facebook page Chris Jude and SoundWebMusic.
I look forward to hearing from you.