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I Learned How Not to Love You
Guitars, Cars and Bar-B-Q
Cilantro and Lime
Basically started out as an experiment in the studio.  I had no idea I was writing a song till this started coming out.  It sort of wrote itself in about 20 minutes.  I almost forgot about it until I was backing up my hard drive and remembered the circumstances behind it.  
This is essentially a true story about a road trip with my son-in-law to Nashville, Memphis, Graceland, and Birmingham.  The part about Tupelo is also true, but happined a couple of years later.  St. George is George Gruhn--shown in the upper left above. Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville is a Mecca for guitarists from around the world.  We are pictured in front of a entire wall of Holy Grails. 
This is the story of how I met my wife Nancie.  I inadvertently told her I loved her at the end of a phone call one night.  It was true absolutely true--just slightly unexpected on both our parts.  Makes for a great 3rd verse, though.